Facility Services

At Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, our buildings are an extension of our brand. Our Facilities Services Department is responsible for ensuring the buildings and grounds at all store locations and the corporate office are well maintained and operate properly and efficiently. We work with vendors from a variety of fields to assist in projects from renovations and additions to everyday preventive maintenance.

Qualifications for Consideration

1. Completed Application Form
  * The applicant is required to fill out the Application Form even if the information may be found elsewhere in the attached material. Applicants failing to fill out the Application Form, or who write “see attached” in the blanks, will not be considered.

2. Prior full service restaurant service experience is required.

3. Service Area

4. Scope of Services

5. List of References with addresses, telephone numbers and the name of the contact person with a focus on restaurant work.

6. Any additional items that you feel could be helpful, including brochures, marketing materials, testimonials, resumes of key staff members, etc.

7. Certificate of Insurance showing proof of the following coverage

Information may be submitted electronically to the following EMAIL address: facilityservices@crackerbarrel.com

Selection Process
Relevant information will be distributed to the Cracker Barrel Director of Facilities Services and Project Managers who administer projects in the areas where the applicant does work.

A final qualification will take place only at the point that the Cracker Barrel Director of Facilities requests that a new service provider be qualified for an invitation to bid on a particular project. Service providers are selected based on criteria that is considered to be in the best interest of Cracker Barrel. The decision is completely within the discretion Facilities Services, whose decision if final.